Bespoke solutions to support key transactions

Value-added services focusing on strategic project work for both public and private companies

A differentiated consulting solution

Leveraging our renowned research platform with proven track record of success for our clients

We work with clients on transactions and fund-raising projects, offering valuation, commercial due diligence, pre-IPO work, modelling, market reports and other ad-hoc strategic projects.

A differentiated consulting solution

Leveraging Edison's renowned research platform with a proven track record of success for our clients

Bespoke advisory solutions

Our demonstrable expertise provides the industry experience and market insight to effectively execute a solution unique to your business, which is delivered within our robust review framework.

Deep sector expertise

With over 80 analysts across 10 sectors, we combine deep sector knowledge with decades of experience to provide a full understanding of our clients’ businesses and continuously enhance our credibility with both buy and sell sides.

Independent of conflicts of interest

In contrast with investment banks and brokers, we do not offer fundraisers or get involved with M&A. This means we can be independent of conflicts of interest, which are often inherent of these models.

Public market perspective

We have extensive engagement and experience with quoted companies and the buy side. This gives us a full overview of the public market perspective so we can help clients prepare for and anticipate the challenges of their unique IPO journeys.

Broad international footprint

Over a third of our clients are based outside the UK and we are the preferred partner of numerous stock exchanges around the world. Our research is distributed across many international platforms, providing free-to-access research to thousands of global investors. We have an international team with six offices across the globe.

Credibility of a leading research brand

Our consultancy services are fully integrated with our research platform and investor relations service, drawing on both deep sector analyst insight and frequent investor engagement across our teams of experienced equity experts.

Ian McLelland

Managing Director of Resources & Consulting

Our Managing Director, Ian McLelland, discusses our bespoke consulting services and how by drawing on the deep sector expertise of a global independent research house, we are able to benefit both public and private companies without any of the usual conflicts of interest.

How we can help you

Commercial and vendor due diligence

We offer a commercial due diligence service for potential acquirers, producing a report assessing the market and strategic positioning of an M&A target. The precise scope is discussed and tailored to your requirements, but would typically include the following elements:

  • market structure, size and drivers
  • key competitors, market share, basis of competition, barriers to entry
  • customer survey and supplier feedback
  • achievability of business plan, key risks and areas for improvement

On the sell side, we also produce vendor due diligence to facilitate a competitive sale process or to ensure the bankability of a business for sale.

Independent valuation and complex modelling

We provide valuation services for companies of all stages across a range of sectors. Uses include M&A (buy and sell sides), independent third-party valuation opinions, fund raising, PFRs, feasibility studies, litigation support and other strategic purposes.
We have also developed complex financial models for a myriad of purposes, including project and commodity models. Our capabilities lie across all sectors, although models in the infrastructure and resources sectors may involve the greatest challenges.

Fund raising, pre-IPO and IPO research

We offer pre-IPO advice, providing an independent assessment of readiness for IPO as well as an objective view on valuation for stakeholders. Our role is complementary to the broker to support our clients in getting their message out as widely as possible to investors, maximise demand and help achieve a successful fund raise or IPO in unpredictable markets.

Fund-raising research

We can help you engage more effectively with your investor audience in a private placing or fund raising. Our fund-raising research can help shape your company’s equity story and the way it is communicated to potential investors, as well as prepare the management team to be challenged by investors. The fund-raising report is typically used as part of a marketing exercise to move investors up the learning curve, enabling more focused and productive meetings with the management team.

Pre-IPO review and advice

As you start to consider an IPO, we can provide an advance assessment of the IPO proposition and likely valuation, considering broader factors such as timing and IPO market.
We can distribute a note primarily targeted at existing stakeholders, such as the management team, founder shareholders and advisers, to provide feedback on your go-to-market proposition. This:

  • shapes your equity story and how it is communicated to the market
  • helps you identify your unique selling points and refine the come-to-market story
  • offers an independent valuation to challenge and bring the best out of the broker
  • examines the investor perspective to identify and resolve issues before you go live

We are not influenced by a success-based fee structure. Instead, we can provide an informed independent review, advising on appropriate timing and against IPO where appropriate, as well as optimising the investment story. Our review would ideally precede the appointment of an IPO adviser or broker.

Strategy reports, business plans, sector reports and market studies

We help clients conduct strategic reviews and consider expansion as well as investment in new sectors and geographies. Each report is tailored to the client’s needs and individual circumstances.
The support we offer provides a broad overview of the investment landscape (eg E&P in Latin America), as well as deep-dive analysis of specialist sectors (eg medtech or oncology within healthcare) or quarterly/annual coverage of commodities (eg the gold sector). We do this through:

  • business plans
  • sector reports
  • strategy reports
  • market studies

Frequently asked questions

We can help you at any stage of your capital markets journey. We work with early-stage private companies to shape and refine their equity story, we support companies before during and after IPO, and we can provide advisory and due-diligence services on transactions at any point in a company’s life.

At the heart of our consulting offering are the deep insights of our over 60-strong team of highly experienced equity research analysts. Every consulting engagement we undertake is carefully scoped to meet the specific needs of the client, rather than what we have available ‘off the shelf’. If we can’t do a high-quality job, we won’t agree to take the work in the first place.

The key difference is that we are one step removed from lead advice or deal execution – this gives our consulting clients the assurance that we are acting in their best interests, rather than chasing success-based fees. This independence also allows us to be engaged during certain periods when other advisers are either blacklisted or conflicted.

Subject to regulatory restrictions, we can distribute the consulting reports we generate via our dedicated distribution platform. This can include retail as well as professional investors if appropriate.

We scope all our consulting mandates individually and apply a transparent pricing structure so there are no surprises along the way.

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