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We are an investor relations consultancy that perfects the market’s understanding of our listed clients’ investment cases, driving higher volumes at fairer, less volatile prices across a broader shareholder base.

The Edison difference

The market is often significantly less knowledgeable about an equity story than its management expects. Edison’s fixes that knowledge gap with one elegant solution – Investor Relations 3.0 (IR 3.0).

Using an integrated programme of research, marketing and direct investor engagement, we accelerate, widen and magnify the market’s interest in our clients’ investment cases. We drive higher volumes at fairer, less volatile prices across a broader shareholder base, via institutional and retail investors.

What is Investor Relations 3.0?

Edison has built the IR 3.0 method organically over the last 20 years. It now has four key components:


Our team of consultants analyse your unique situation, define what the market has failed to understand about your equity story and design the optimal programme to fix it – whether that’s a small and quick investor relations campaign or a longer-term integrated programme.


Our more than 80 analysts write in-depth, industry-leading equity research and other professional investor content. Our editorial and video teams translate that into actionable insights for the institutional and retail investor audiences, while our IR events team run everything from small-group webinars to multi-day ‘Open House’ conferences.


Unlike brokers, Edison has an open platform. Our regulated content can be viewed by any investor – private or institutional – anywhere in the world. To reach our 2.5 million+ audience (which is growing daily), we distribute via more than 60 platforms, including Bloomberg, Refinitiv and S&P Capital IQ, as well as via our website, email lists and the full gamut of digital and social marketing networks, which we use to target investors that would otherwise be missed.


We analyse the data points our IR activities have created to identify which institutional investors are engaged and most likely to convert after further dialogue. We then book meetings, non-deal roadshows, capital markets days and retail investor webinars to introduce you to the targets most interested in buying your stock.

Is IR 3.0 effective?

In the last decade, the top four best-performing stocks in the FTSE 250 were Edison clients.

Edison NYC

On an annual basis, many more regularly outperform the market by a very wide margin.

On average, over the first 18 months of our engagement our clients enjoy a:

  • 25% increase in liquidity,
  • 25% expansion in P/E ratio, and
  • 16% increase in share price.

We also help our clients attract compelling takeover offers.

Is the content high quality?

Content is the engine room of IR 3.0. Our work has to be trusted and valued by institutional and retail investors alike.

Many of our analysts – such as Lord Ashbourne and Katherine Thompson – are considered leaders in their fields. We start every client relationship with a deep initiation note and then regularly update the market.

We know that investors want unique insights and alternative data sources so they can draw inferences that will be a differentiator. They want advice compelling enough to be acted upon.

How do you create reach?

Reach and investor targeting is at the crux of IR 3.0’s success. Insightful words and videos only have an impact when they are seen. A strong reach multiplies the effectiveness of every client campaign.

Not only does Edison work with institutional investor platforms including Bloomberg, Refinitiv and S&P Capital IQ, we have also built a global audience of 2.5 million investors by combining reach from news aggregators, digital media, social networks, stock exchanges and brokers. As well as our own email subscribers and website visitors.

This means we have ready-made audiences for content. We can also create bespoke new audiences to target retail investors or the most specific list of high AUM fund managers. And, of course, anything in between.

Anything else you need to know?

We’re approachable, friendly and do love what we do. Get in touch and we can start to discuss your situation and how we can help.

How Edison can help you

The core of a fully integrated IR 3.0 programme is a constant. It is composed of equity research, distribution and investor engagement. However, your circumstances – not least in the context of the capital markets – are seldom static. This is why we offer every client flexible service agreements from the following components:


One – Strategic IR consultancy

Our lead consultants have a variety of techniques to ensure your IIR 3.0 programme is always optimised to deliver the greatest possible impact.

Edison Tel Aviv

Market intelligence

We survey institutional and private investors to uncover underlying sentiment and opinion. We advise you based on specific insight and our deep understanding of the market in general.

Situational analysis

What is the unique set of challenges your stock faces? Are low trading volumes at risk of creating a liquidity crisis for your stock? Or does the market think it understands your investment case, but has missed the point. We have a playbook response to every situation.

Audience planning

Edison creates investor targeting programmes that talk to the capital markets generally and focus on specific audiences separately. We can increase or decrease the volume for institutions, investment boutiques, hedge funds, family offices, wealth managers, high net worth individuals and the rest of the retail investor market.

Investment narrative

Given the market intelligence, situational analysis and selection of audiences, what are the key strands of your investment case? And how should that story be told? Our communications experts will craft a narrative to hit all the right notes with investors.

Two – research and content

Your IR 3.0 programme will cherry-pick the right content to ensure retail and professional investors have a deep understanding of your investment case.

Edison Location London

Initiation & Outlook notes

A long-form note of c 15 pages is published on every client once a year. This provides a complete picture of the business so that investors can evaluate the case for making it part of their portfolio.

Stock updates

Shorter, follow-on notes are published three to four times a year. They generally coincide with significant news flow or earnings reports.

Flash notes

Edison publishes quick reactions to news flow, usually as a precursor to a more detailed update note. Often just a page in length to ensure timeliness, flash notes are published as events dictate during the year.

EdisonTV interviews

Every client has the opportunity to be interviewed by their analyst twice a year for a five- to 10-minute video, often to coincide with outlook or update research.

Sector and thematic reports

Institutional and retail investors read more than single-equity research. They also need insight into big-picture trends and how stocks fit into them. Our clients commission these reports so that investors can grasp the full significance of a particular investment case.

Investor collateral

Edison is also expert at creating investor presentations that capture the imagination and investor relations websites that help funnel investors along the path to purchase. Videos, factsheets, podcasts and dozens of other content formats are also available.

Three – Digital marketing

While Edison reaches institutional and retail investors via more than 60 platforms – including Bloomberg, Refinitiv and S&P Capital IQ – our digital and social marketing services offer ways of targeting specific professional investors and the widest possible span of the retail investor market.

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Investor relations websites

As the market leader, Edison has the creative, UX and technical capabilities to produce effective IR pages. We can enhance your existing presence or start over with a blank canvas.

Social media

Organic and paid campaigns are a key element of enhancing research distribution. We work across all the major apps and networks, as well as having relationships with investment influencers who post our sponsored content natively to their own large audiences.

Search and display

Millions more investors can be reached via Google search and display advertising. Our method ensures relevant content reaches the right investors. We can target large retail audiences with a propensity to purchase a particular stock. Or a tiny, closed list of institutional investors, ahead of an outreach campaign.

Four – Investor engagement

While everything else we do creates the potential for purchase, personal contact often seals the deal. With more than 2,000 investor meetings arranged each year, Edison gives you the chance to make your well-honed, expertly styled investment case in person to those investors who need an extra nudge to take advantage of the opportunity.

Edison Tel Aviv

Non-Deal Roadshows

Our open IR 3.0 platform allows us to arrange non-deal roadshows with any tier one investment house – from Blackrock to Bank of America and Charles Stanley to Cannacord – across all major geographies. We can also introduce boutique institutions, hedge funds, family offices, wealth managers and high net worth individuals into the mix as required.

One-to-one meetings

Looking for a series of focused presentations to key potential investors? We arrange a steady flow of meetings for clients throughout the year.

Group briefings

Want to reach a large set of family offices, wealth managers and high net worth individuals in a single investor event? In person or online group briefings are often the right way forward.


Not only can webinars attract a live audience of retail investors, they can also be used as digital collateral to introduce new investors to your investment case. Edison ensures this content reaches tens of thousands of target investors.

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