VietNam Holding (LSE: VNH)

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VNH’s investment objective is to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of companies that have high growth potential and an attractive valuation. The fund has experienced several significant changes since September 2017, including a new board and appointment of the current manager, Dynam Capital.

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Milosz Papst

Milosz Papst

Director, Financials

Key Management

  • Craig Martin

    Portfolio Manager

  • Sean Hurst

    Non-Executive Chairman

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% 1M 3M 12M
Actual 10.0 16.5 1.3
Relative 4.3 14.9 (3.5)
52 week high/low 326.0p/221.0p


VietNam Holding (VNH) seeks to capture the growth of Vietnam through an actively managed, high-conviction portfolio of companies. It has been managed by Dynam Capital (Dynam) since 2018 and has outperformed both the VN All Share and MSCI World indices over five years, with NAV and share price annualised total returns of c 7% and c 5%, respectively, versus c 2% and c 1% for the indices. Vietnamese growth paves the way for the continued expansion of domestic consumption and Dynam’s investment team chooses businesses intending to benefit from the positive demographic, industrial and urbanisation trends. As global market volatility continues, with renewed recession concerns triggered by recent events in the US and European banking sectors, following SVB’s and Credit Suisse’s rescues, Dynam continues to find attractively priced Vietnamese stocks with high long-term return potential.