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Checkit optimises the performance of people, processes and physical assets with its intelligent operations software. It is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, and has operations centres in Fleet, UK, and Tampa, US.

With its workflow management software, Checkit is focused on connecting and empowering deskless mobile workers who are not able to use desktop software in their day-to-day working environment. Only a small proportion of the current enterprise software market is designed for this group of workers. Checkit’s sweet spot is supporting workers who perform a combination of routine tasks and infrequent but important tasks where the volume and variety of tasks is such that it is difficult to build a targeted application.



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  • Greg Price


  • Keith Daley


  • Kit Kyte


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% 1M 3M 12M
Actual (9.7) 47.4 (30.9)
Relative (5.6) 47.0 (29.3)
52 week high/low 40.0p/14.0p


Checkit’s FY23 trading update confirmed that year-end annual recurring revenue (ARR), FY23 reported revenue and year-end net cash beat our forecasts. ARR increased 28% y-o-y despite the challenging economic environment, as the company made good progress signing up new customers and expanding existing contracts. With 93% recurring revenue for continuing operations, the transition to a subscription-based model is complete. We will review our forecasts following FY23 results on 27 April.

Y/E Jan Revenue (£m) EBITDA (£m) PBT (£m) EPS (fd) (p) P/E (x) P/CF (x)
2021A 13.2 (2.5) (3.1) (5.2) N/A N/A
2022A 13.6 (4.2) (4.7) (7.0) N/A N/A
2023E 10.4 (6.5) (7.6) (7.1) N/A N/A
2024E 12.5 (3.7) (5.2) (4.9) N/A N/A