1Spatial – executive interview

Published on 19 May 2022

In this interview, Claire Milverton, CEO discusses 1Spatial’s unique position at the intersection of two large, high-growth markets, geospatial data and master data management, and why this puts the business in a strong position to grow. She also discusses the key levers through which she expects to drive strong, scalable growth. These include growth in the US, where the company has grown its customer base from one customer in 2017 to 23, with a strong pipeline and a significant market opportunity, further development of a partnership model and the launch of SaaS products. With the company one year into a three-year growth plan, CFO, Andy Fabian discusses how execution so far has reflected on financial performance and how we should expect the company’s financial model to evolve as it continues to execute its strategy.

1Spatial’s core technology validates, rectifies and enhances customers’ geospatial data. The combination of its software and advisory services reduces the need for costly manual checking and correcting of data.

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