Wednesday’s mood – Renewed belief

Published on 15-07-2020 12:50:00

Equities are travelling hopefully upwards on better news about a potential COVID vaccine. The oil price is up too. So it’s a day of reasons to believe.

Inflation is ticking higher for the first time this year, which is good news for computer game and fashion companies. We may be nearing 4m unemployed but ASOS has joined Primark in returning Rishi’s cash. Consumers, meanwhile, can believe in today’s VAT rate reduction. Apple and Facebook are hopeful that they will win a big tax case.

Reasons to be cheerful, part three. America’s banks are posting better than expected results – and putting more cash away for a rainy day. There’s confidence and belief on the Costa Blanca and enough optimism about a trade resurgence for eight contenders to be battling it out for the WTO crown. Our man Dan Ridsdale has been all over the media with his comments on Huawei’s ban from 5G.

Environmental optimism abounds. Green is the colour of hope as the Government does an investment banking u-turn, while BT is leading a corporate switch to electric vehicles.  Spreading rock dust on farmland could suck billions of tons of carbon out of the air. Lithium batteries are back in the energy storage race. And Oprah Winfrey and Jay-Z are putting their faith in a $2bn Swedish oat milk maker.

The air currents look favourable for Virgin Atlantic’s £1.2bn rescue deal. Google’s hot air balloons are bringing the internet to new parts of Africa, while naturalists have discovered that America’s biggest bird only flaps its wings 1% of the time when flying.

What else is positive? BA is cheering itself up by cashing in on its art collection, while Italy returned France’s stolen Banksy in time for Bastille Day.

If that’s not enough to rekindle your faith in humanity, be glad that it’s not 536AD. And here’s a playlist of what neuroscientists says are the most relaxing songs ever.

Until tomorrow,

The Stream Team

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