Mood – Soaking up the last of the sunshine

Published on 23-09-2020 12:00:00

There’s an autumnal chill in the air but, as Boris says his new COVID-19 restrictions could last for six months, we’re determined to focus on the last rays of sunshine.

As yesterday’s timid stock market rally is followed by a much firmer climb, we’re not worrying for now about weekly global COVID-19 infections hitting an all-time peak or China and the US squaring up to each other at the United Nations. Neither are we unduly concerned about Deutsche Bank forecasting that the pound could fall to near parity with the euro, or over-alarmed about 7,000-long truck tailbacks after the Brexit transition ends.

Instead, we’re basking in Britain’s house market bounceback and America’s housing boom. In the digital world, two Edison clients have the confidence to combine forcesTinder’s dating app sibling says it is on track to triple revenues. We’re also enjoying the bubbles of PZ Cussons’ soap boom and forcing toilet roll sales 20% higher.

As clouds arrive, we’re finding silver linings. The honking of car horns celebrated the bullish highlights at Tesla’s open-air shareholder meeting – though it didn’t stop $50bn being wiped off the stock. Small diamonds are becoming a girl’s more inexpensive best friend. In Taiwan, naturalists are collecting rare plant species before they are wiped out.

We know a crackdown is coming. Litterbugs in Thailand are being posted back their own trash, taxi drivers in one Chinese city are having to remove their tattoos and a new Uber-style app is not good news for people facing eviction. Economic downturns may also be making executives age prematurely.

Still, let’s focus on the sunshine. As we finally get to read what was on the bible’s cutting room floor, a load of unknown debris somehow just missed the International Space Station.

While more than 450 whales have been stranded off Tasmaniathis one just escaped a crocodile-infested river. And here’s a question to take with you into the office – would an otter make a great boss?

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