Interview with Thomas Meyer, CEO of Auris

Published on 22-07-2020 10:08:2922 July 2020


In this episode of Edison Talks, Maxim Jacobs, Edison’s director of research for North America, has an in-depth discussion with the CEO of Auris Medical, Thomas Meyer. They cover the company’s development programs for intranasal betahistine for acute vertigo as well as to treat some of the major side effects of antipsychotic medication.

00:47 An overview of Auris
02:30 AM-125 TRAVERS timelines and trial design
11:20 A discussion of the acute vertigo market and current standards of care
16:24 The recently announced Phase Ib data for AM-201 for antipsychotic-induced weight gain and drowsiness
24:44 The Zilentin subsidiary for the tinnitus and hearing loss programs
28:15 Upcoming milestones










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