JDC Group: EKF 2023 QuickView


JDC Group: EKF 2023 QuickView

Passing the €1bn insurance premium mark

Edwin de Jong

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Edwin De Jong


JDC’s key asset is its highly scalable Advisortech insurance platform, which enables private clients to manage insurance portfolios from hundreds of German insurance companies. This technology platform, in which JDC invested more than €70m to develop, was initially built for its own broker pool business, Jung, DMS & Cie, and the financial advisory business FiNUM, but at a later stage JDC decided to exploit it commercially.

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JDC Group is attending the 2023 Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum conference. If you would like to meet them, please email bwilson@edisongroup.com or register at www.eigenkapitalforum.com



ADS-TEC Energy: EKF 2023 QuickView

Fast charging

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