Murray International Trust (LSE: MYI)

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Murray International Trust aims to achieve an above-average dividend yield with long-term growth in dividends and capital ahead of inflation, by investing principally in global equities. Its reference is an all-world index (total return).

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Equity Analyst

Melanie Jenner

Mel Jenner

Director, Investment Trusts

Key Management

  • Bruce Stout

    Senior Investment Manager

Share Price Performance

Price Performance
% 1M 3M 12M
Actual 4.9 4.7 (4.6)
Relative (1.8) (4.1) (12.1)
52 week high/low 268.4p/219.0p


Murray International Trust’s (MYI’s) managers are transitioning smoothly from a team of three to two, ahead of Bruce Stout’s retirement at the end of June 2024. The two remaining managers, Martin Connaghan and Samantha Fitzpatrick, have worked closely with Stout since 2001, so MYI’s shareholders can have confidence that it will be ‘business as usual’ in H224 and beyond. Regardless of the market environment, the managers strive to fulfil their objectives of generating income and capital growth higher than the rate of UK inflation and to have a covered dividend. However, in years of lower income, the board can draw on the trust’s revenue reserves, which are equivalent to more than the annual dividend payment, to enable MYI’s progressive dividend policy to continue.


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