European Opportunities Trust (LSE: JEO)

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The objective of European Opportunities Trust (EOT) is to invest in securities of European and UK companies, in sectors or geographical areas that are considered by the investment manager to offer good prospects for capital growth, taking into account economic trends and business development.

Equity Analyst

Joanne Collins

Joanne Collins

Analyst, Investment Trusts

Key Management

  • Richard Pavry


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European Opportunities Trust’s (EOT’s) manager, Alexander Darwall, invests in globally focused companies with unique technologies, comparative advantages and multiple growth channels, with the aim of constructing a resilient portfolio capable of generating capital growth in all economic climates. This strategy has delivered positive returns and outperformance over the long term; in the 10 years to end February 2023, the portfolio has made an average annualised return of 9.1% in NAV terms, compared to a benchmark return of 8.1% on the same basis. Nearer-term performance has been disappointing, and the share price discount has widened, despite the fact that most of EOT’s portfolio holdings are performing well. Manager Alexander Darwall expects positive news from several of his ‘special’ companies over the coming year, which should boost performance, and he is confident his strategy and patience will continue to pay off for shareholders over the longer term.


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