Vantage: Investing in innovative SpaceTech companies with Seraphim’s Mark Boggett

Vantage: Investing in innovative SpaceTech companies with Seraphim’s Mark Boggett

Associated equity: Seraphim Space Investment Trust

Seraphim Space Investment Trust’s objective is to generate capital growth over the long term through investment in a diversified, international portfolio of predominantly early- and growth-stage unquoted space tech businesses with the potential to dominate globally. Space tech businesses rely on space-based connectivity or precision, navigation and timing signals, addressing a broad range of key applications.

Seraphim Space Investment Trust — 2 videos in collection

The commercialisation of space looks to be entering a new chapter. High-profile entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos regularly make the headlines. We meet Mark Boggett, CEO of Seraphim Space Investment Trust (SSIT.L, market capitalisation £64m), who explains how the dramatic lowering of cost to put things into space is opening new opportunities and markets. The digital infrastructure that is being created in space together with algorithms to process the data efficiently is creating new markets, particularly in the areas of defence and climate.

In this interview, Mark highlights the satellite constellation segment, downlink plays (companies that get the data down from the satellites) and solutions for space debris as three areas Seraphim Space is focusing current investments in. Mark explains the importance of first-mover advantage in the commercial race for space, and how people are a key factor in Seraphim’s due diligence process when providing capital to some of the most promising companies looking to commercialise the opportunity in space.

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