Tinexta – executive interview

Published on 6 September 2021

In this interview, Tinexta’s Chief Investor Relations Officer, Josef Mastragostino provides an overview of the company’s M&A strategy and recent developments in a number of the company’s business units. He begins by discussing Tinexta’s established track record for M&A activity, which has helped to diversify the company’s business exposure and improved the medium-term growth outlook. Josef then gives an overview of M&A for the four business units, before focusing on Tinexta’s ambitions to have a wider European footprint for Digital Trust. Next, he highlights why the recently announced new venture with Intesa Sanpaolo is expected to be very transformative to the medium-term growth outlook for two of Tinexta’s divisions, Credit Information & Management and Innovation & Marketing Services. Finally, Josef provides an update on Cyber Security, a new area of focus for Tinexta.

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