Sareum Holdings: Edison Open House Healthcare 2022

Published on 9 February 2022

Sareum Holdings is a UK-based drug development company, specialising in small molecule kinase inhibitors.

• Tell us about your business model and strategy for commercialisation.
• Why is there so much interest in JAK inhibitors?
• What is your strategy to progress SDC-1801 through clinical development after the first clinical trials in mid-2022? Are you actively assessing licensing/partnership opportunities?
• Are you planning to explore the recent positive data on SDC-1801’s immune-modulation properties in COVID-19?
• Might other respiratory diseases benefit from this?
• How has the CHK1 inhibitor that was out-licensed to Sierra Oncology progressed and how do you see it developing in the near to medium term?
• What is your cash runway? Where will the recent funding be directed and are you looking for more investment?
• Which milestones should investors focus on in the coming year?

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