Mirriad Advertising – executive interview

Published on 28 April 2020

In this video, Stephan Beringer, CEO of Mirriad Advertising, describes the group’s business model and how the company works with platforms, content providers and brands to open up a new type of high-impact embedded advertising. He outlines how the group derives its revenues and its newer revenue models, such as the agreement with Tencent in China. He then talks through the barriers to entry, in particular the technology and expertise involved. He discusses how COVID-19 is affecting the industry and the business and how the group’s China-based operations are rebuilding, as well as the longer-term likely structural changes to the global advertising ecosystem.

Mirriad Advertising opens up new revenue streams for content producers and distributors worldwide by creating new advertising inventory in content. Its patented, AI and computer-vision technology dynamically inserts products and innovative signage formats after content is produced, such that the artificial insertion is almost impossible for the human eye to see. Mirriad’s market-first solution integrates with existing subscription and advertising models and dramatically improves the viewer experience through the ability to completely eliminate the need for commercial interruptions.

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