Gresham House Strategic – executive Interview

Published on 23 April 2020

Richard Staveley, fund manager at Gresham House Strategic, gives his thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic and current market downturn. He highlights the differences between the economy and equity markets and discusses the impact the pandemic is having on various companies and sectors. He explains his investment approach at Gresham House Strategic and provides more detail on some of his underlying holdings: Augean, Van Elle Holdings and Northbridge Industrial Services.

Gresham House Strategic (GHS) invests mainly in smaller UK public companies, applying private equity-style techniques to construct a focused portfolio. The investment team focuses on taking significant stakes in profitable, cash-generative companies that it believes are intrinsically undervalued, aiming for significant engagement with investee company stakeholders in support of a clear equity value creation plan over the long term. The strategic public equity team at the fund manager, Gresham House, has managed five consecutive funds since 2003, including GHS, following the same strategy.

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