Webinar: Mirriad Advertising

Published on 23 September 2020

Mirriad Advertising creates revenue streams for content producers and distributors by creating new advertising inventory in content. Its patented artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision technology dynamically inserts products and innovative signage formats after content is produced.

In this webinar hosted on Tuesday 15 September, CEO Stephan Beringer introduces Mirriad, the next generation in AI digital advertising, and talks about the platform, the company’s progress and the impact that Mirriad has had on the industry. David Dorans, Mirriad’s CFO, outlines the company’s financials and recent H120 results.

Mirriad Advertising has the potential to build a substantial advertising business, additive and complementary to the current ecosystem, using its innovative technology to embed imagery seamlessly into video content in film, episodic, music, and social media. It is building traction with major platforms and entertainment companies, agencies and brand owners, which is clearly validated by its two-year exclusive contract with Tencent in China.

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