Mirriad Advertising – Executive Interview

Mirriad Advertising – Executive Interview

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In this video, Mirriad Advertising’s chief executive officer Stephan Berringer and Edison’s global head of investor relations Rachel Carroll discuss Mirriad’s revolutionary AI advertising technology, its customer base, near-term revenue drivers, expansion into the US and its outlook for the next six months.

Mirriad Advertising uses its innovative AI technology to embed imagery seamlessly into video content in film, episodic, music and social media. The company has been building traction with major platforms and entertainment companies, agencies and brand owners and its two-year exclusive contract with Tencent in China is an important validation of Mirriad’s technology.

The quantity of entertainment content being consumed globally is increasing as devices proliferate, choices on use of leisure time shift and the platforms delivering those choices multiply. With heavy competition between streaming platforms, new revenue sources that do not detract from the viewer experience are an attractive proposition. For brands and agencies, this represents an opportunity to deliver messages to relevant audiences in a brand-safe environment. Mirriad recently began trading in the US on the OTC QB market and will be announcing interim results on 10 September, after the market close.

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