IP Group – executive interview

IP Group – executive interview

IP Group — 6 videos in collection

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IP Group is UK’s most active investor in science-based companies, with a focus on life sciences, deeptech and cleantech. In this interview, Greg Smith, CEO of IP Group, discusses the company’s FY23 results and its continued focus on a narrow set of more mature companies with multiple near-term inflection points. He also elaborates on the cash runway across its portfolio, the more than £200m holding-level gross cash and IP Group’s approach to capital allocation in the context of the current funding environment across venture capital markets. Moreover, he explains the recent valuation changes across IP Group’s portfolio. Finally, he talks about the main long-term tech themes IP Group is focusing on at present, including digital transformation, the AI opportunity, data transmission (eg 5G), more efficient computing, as well as human-machine interface.

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IP Group - executive interview

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