Executive interview – Claranova

Published on 8 April 2019

Claranova is a group of three businesses focused on mobile and internet technologies with high growth potential. The three businesses are PlanetArt, online and mobile photo printing with operations in 10 countries (76% of FY18 revenues); Avanquest, a specialist in monetising internet traffic (22% of FY18 revenues); and myDevices, IoT platform to manage connected devices in the cloud (2% of FY18 revenues). After a long period of restructuring and refocusing the business, the group is demonstrating strong revenue growth and improving profitability.

In this video, CEO Pierre Cesarini gives an overview of the group’s activities and discusses the highlights of recently reported H119 results. He also outlines the group’s ambitious five-year growth plan and discusses milestones that shareholders can track in the near term.

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