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Claranova consists of three businesses focused on mobile and internet technologies: PlanetArt (digital photo printing; personalised gifts), Avanquest (consumer software) and myDevices (Internet of Things/IoT).

PlanetArt is evolving from a digital photo printing business into a personalised e-commerce business and is focused on expanding its product offering geographically. Avanquest, the consumer software business, is focused on developing and marketing software in three key product areas: PDF, photo editing and security/privacy. The IoT business’s myDevices platform provides a simple and effective way for SMEs and corporates to deploy IoT applications.

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Claranova — Focused on profitability

TMT | Update

Claranova — Growth targets maintained

TMT | Update

Claranova — PlanetArt back on a growth path



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  • Pierre Cesarini


  • Xavier Rojo


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Share Price Performance

Price Performance
% 1M 3M 12M
Actual (0.3) (21.4) (49.8)
Relative (6.3) (21.4) (53.4)
52 week high/low €3.0/€1.3


Claranova reported FY23 adjusted EBITDA growth of 27.5%, slightly ahead of our forecast and within its guidance range. PlanetArt profitability dipped as cost inflation outweighed revenue growth, Avanquest saw strong revenue and profit growth, helped by the recent acquisitions of PDF Forge and ScannerApp, and myDevices unexpectedly achieved break-even. Claranova continues to target a 10% EBITDA margin in FY24, although this is partially dependent on the success of restructuring in PlanetArt. We are reviewing our forecasts.

Y/E Jun Revenue (€m) EBITDA (€m) PBT (€m) EPS (fd) (c) P/E (x) P/CF (x)
2021A 470.6 36.5 24.2 37.47 3.7 1.5
2022A 473.7 28.3 7.2 10.70 13.0 2.1
2023E 507.3 36.0 9.8 16.15 8.6 1.8
2024E 530.9 48.1 22.3 27.65 5.0 1.6




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