Enhancing the UK’s growth capital ecosystem with CrowdX

Published on 1 April 2022

The panel was chaired by Paul Atkinson, founding partner and active investor with Par Equity, one of the UK’s top performing venture capital firms supporting high-growth businesses.

In this webinar, the panelists look at the problems faced by growth companies in accessing financing at the right price.

CrowdX’s belief is that while there is a workflow model that succeeds in providing some companies with the additional funding and/or public listing they need to succeed and add value to UK plc. Many still struggle and either snapped up by overseas competitors, stagnate or, worse still, fail altogether, with an accompanying loss of talent and IP.

There were experts from all fields discussing how we can enhance our ecosystem of growth capital markets in the UK and make the UK company success journey one that is based on more than just being in the right place at the right time.

The panel includes:

Dr Emma Black, CEO and co-founder, Cascade Cash Management
Mike McCudden, CEO and co-founder, CrowdX
Ifty Nasir, founder and partner, Vestd
Neil Shah, director, Edison Investment Research
Fran van Dijk, founding partner, One Stone Advisors

For more information on joining CrowdX visit www.crowdx.co.uk

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