Eko Agro Group – executive interview

Eko Agro Group – executive interview

Associated equity: ESGTI

ESGTI AG, formerly ESG Eko Agro Group AG, is a Switzerland-based investment company. The company invests directly or through investment companies in early-stage companies or projects with transformative impact objectives. Investments include investments in private equity and private equity-related instruments and certain categories of credit products.

ESGTI — 3 videos in collection

In this interview, Salvatore Toscano (chairman and managing director of Eko Agro Group, a portfolio company of ESGTI) explains what he believes are the key growth drivers in the sustainable agriculture sector today. He outlines the major growth constraints and risks, as well as the most impactful regulations and government initiatives in this industry. He then talks us through the key ‘green’ technologies Eko Agro Group has developed and summarises the important role of ESG within the sector.

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