EML Payments – executive interview

Published on 17 February 2021

EML Payments is an ASX-listed provider of innovative payment solutions. Its product portfolio includes solutions for payouts, gifts, incentives and rewards, and supplier payments, via the issue of mobile, virtual and physical cards. EML operates across three divisions: Gift & Incentive (G&I), General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) and Virtual Account Numbers (VANs). The company processes billions of dollars in payments each year across 28 countries in North America, Europe and Australia.

In this interview, CEO Tom Cregan and CFO Rob Shore discuss the company’s H121 results. Tom provides an operational update, including how the company managed the business through the dual challenges of COVID-19 and Brexit, and highlighting that the company has reinstated guidance for FY21. Rob details the financial performance of the company, both at a group and divisional level. He also discusses the impact of last year’s Prepaid Financial Services (PFS) acquisition. Tom gives an update on the group’s Project Accelerator strategy, outlining plans to broaden the product offering in order to drive organic growth. Finally, he outlines the outlook for the remainder of FY21 and the company’s longer-term strategy.

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