Edison Open House: Global Healthcare 2022

Are you searching for the healthcare companies that will frame the investor universe in 2022? After the runaway success of our inaugural event, Edison Open House: Global Healthcare is back for January 2022, in partnership with Taylor Wessing, the London Stock Exchange and OpenExchange.


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Botanix Pharmaceuticals

Matt Callahan, executive director

Botanix Pharmaceuticals Limited is an ASX-listed dermatology focused company based in Perth (Australia) and Philadelphia (USA) committed to the development of novel treatments for common skin diseases and infections that are underpinned by science and supported by well-controlled, randomised clinical trials.

Context Therapeutics

Martin Lehr, CEO

Context Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to improving the lives of women living with hormone-dependent cancer.


Martin Whitaker, CEO

Diurnal Group is a specialty pharma company developing new formulations of hormone-based products for the treatment of endocrine disorders. Its product Alkindi is marketed for paediatric (AI) in the US and EU. Efmody is approved for the treatment of CAH in the EU and UK.


Michael Aldridge, CEO

Hexima is a clinical stage, anti-infectives focused biotechnology company engaged in the research and development of defensin peptides for applications as human therapeutics. Our lead product candidate, pezadeftide applied in a topical formulation, is a potential new prescription treatment for toenail fungal infections (or onychomycosis).

InMed Pharmaceuticals

Eric Adams, CEO
InMed is a pharmaceutical company focused on developing and manufacturing cannabinoids. Its main pipeline product is INM-755 for EB, a serious, debilitating orphan indication.

IRLAB Therapeutics AB

Dr Nicholas Waters, CEO

IRLAB is dedicated to the discovery and development of new drugs for treatment of Parkinson’s disease and other life-altering diseases that affect the central nervous system (CNS).IRLAB strive to transform the everyday life for patients who lack effective treatment options.

Medlab Clinical

Dr. Sean Hall, CEO

Medlab Clinical is an Australian biotechnology company that is developing therapeutics using its proprietary delivery platform NanoCelle. Its most advanced programme is in cancer pain management with lead drug candidate NanaBis, a medicinal cannabis product for cancer-related bone pain.


Dr. Silviu Itescu, CEO

Mesoblast is developing adult stem-cell therapies based on its proprietary MPC and MSC platforms. Its lead programmes are in pediatric aGvHD, heart failure, ARDS and lower back pain, all of which are in Phase III or later.


Stephen Stamp, CEO and CFO

Midatech is a drug-delivery specialist focused on re-engineering therapeutics through its technology platforms (MidaSolve- local drug-delivery, QSphera- sustained-release, MidaCore – targeted delivery) to improve their bioavailability and delivery.


Francois Martelet, CEO

Oasmia Pharmaceutical is a Swedish speciality pharma company focusing on its proprietary XR-17 technology platform to develop novel formulations of well-established cytostatic oncology treatments for human and animal health.

Sareum Holdings

Dr. Tim Mitchell, CEO

Sareum is a UK-based drug development company, specialising in small molecule kinase inhibitors.

Tryp Therapeutics

Greg McKee, CEO

Tryp Therapeutics is leading psychedelic drug development beyond mental health.

Outlook for healthcare equity financing in 2022

Perspectives on public, private markets and sector investment themes.
Hosted by London Stock Exchange Group

Chris Mayo, Head of Primary Markets, Americas, LSEG

Randy Baron, Portfolio Manager, Pinnacle Associates
Tom Stockman, Head of European Healthcare Investment Banking, RBC
Shahram Seyedin Noor, Founder, Civilization Ventures

Actinogen Medical

Dr. Steven Gourlay, CEO

Actinogen Medical is an ASX-listed Australian biotech developing lead asset Xanamem, a brain-penetrant 11beta-HSD1 inhibitor designed to treat cognitive impairment and other symptoms that occurs in chronic neurological diseases.


Amro Albanna, CEO

Aditxt is a life sciences company developing technologies specifically focused on improving the health of the immune system through immune reprogramming and monitoring.

AlzeCure Pharma

Martin Jönsson, CEO

AlzeCure Pharma is a clinical-stage biotech company based in Sweden focused on developing small molecule drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (symptomatic and disease modifying) and pain (neuropathic and osteoarthritic).


Michael Cola, CEO

Avalo is a clinical-stage precision medicine company that discovers, develops, and commercializes targeted therapeutics for patients with significant unmet clinical need in the areas of immunology, immuno-oncology and rare disease.


Josh Phillipson, Director of Business Development and Investor Relations

Biondvax is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing innovative products for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and other illnesses.


Göran Forsberg, CEO

Cantargia is a clinical-stage biotechnology company based in Sweden. It is developing two assets against IL1RAP, CAN04 and CAN10. CAN04 is being studied in several solid tumours with a main focus on NSCLC and pancreatic cancer. The most advanced trial is in Phase II.


Dr. James Garner, CEO

Kazia Therapeutics’ lead asset is paxalisib, a PI3K inhibitor licensed from Genentech that can cross the BBB. It is entering a pivotal study for GBM and is being investigated for other brain cancers such as breast cancer brain metastases.

Oxford Biomedica

John Dawson, CEO

Oxford Biomedica is a pioneer of gene and cell therapy with a leading position in lentiviral vector research and bioprocessing. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

Renaissance BioScience

Dr. John Husnik, CEO

Renaissance BioScience is an Environmental Impact company whose bioengineering platform technologies develop innovative, market-ready, functional microorganisms that provide solutions to a broad range of health and environmental problems.

Scandion Oncology

Bo Rode Hansen, president and CEO

Scandion Oncology was established to address one of the most important problems in modern oncology: the treatment of cancers that have developed resistance to chemotherapy.

SIGA Technologies

Dr. Phillip Gomez, CEO

SIGA Technologies is a commercial-stage health security company focused on the treatment of smallpox and other orthopoxviruses. It has contracts with both the US and Canadian governments for TPOXX, its treatment for smallpox.

Verici Dx

Sara Barrington, CEO

Verici Dx is a developer of a complementary suite of leading-edge tests forming a kidney transplant platform for personalized patient and organ response risk to assist clinicians in medical management for improved patient outcomes.

The Open 100

The OPEN 100 is a chance for healthcare CEOs to tell the world about a world-changing innovation, trend or product coming our way. Expect passion and revelation in equal amounts as the future comes into view in these ten talks each lasting just ten minutes.

The trends: 2022

What will distinguish 2022’s healthcare innovations from previous years? What new trends will emerge? Which will accelerate? How many will start to fade?

Neil Shah, Head of Content, Edison Group

Tom Burt, Partner, Sofinnova Partners
Gareth Powell, Head of Healthcare, Polar Capital
Jennifer Friel Goldstein, Managing Partner, Silicon Valley Bank

View the panel live from OpenExchange’s platform via the link below.


Robert Rauker, CEO

Belluscura is a publicly traded UK company listed on the AIM submarket of the London Stock Exchange (AIM: BELL). Belluscura focuses on developing and commercialising innovative oxygen enrichment technologies that span broad industries and therapies.


Stéphane Piat, CEO

Carmat is developing a biocompatible, artificial heart to satisfy the lack of donor hearts available for terminal heart failure patients. It received a CE mark in the EU and Carmat is conducting an early feasibility study in the United States.


Ofer Haviv, president and CEO

Evogene (NASDAQ:EVGN, TASE: EVGN.TA) is a leading computational biology company focused on revolutionizing product discovery and development in multiple life-science based industries, including human health and agriculture, through the use of our broadly applicable Computational Predictive Biology (CPB) platform.

Imagion Biosystems

Bob Proulx, president and CEO

Imagion Biosystems Limited manufactures and supplies medical equipment. The Company offers a bio-imaging detection technology that uses disease specific targeting nanoparticles and highly sensitive detectors to locate tumors and other diseased cells by their molecular signature.

IONIQ Sciences

Jared Bauer, CEO

IONIQ Sciences is at the forefront of early cancer detection. IONIQ Sciences is decoding the science of the body’s earliest response to the presence of cancer.

LungLife AI

Paul Pagano, CEO

LungLife AI is a diagnostic company focused on the early detection of lung cancer from a simple blood draw enhanced by artificial intelligence.


Oliver Schacht, CEO

OpGen is focused on revolutionizing the identification and treatment of bacterial infections. Following the merger with Curetis, it has technology to detect pathogens and predict resistance. Importantly, the AMR Gene Panel and Unyvero platforms have the ability to provide results in hours instead of days.


Cameron Reynolds, President & CEO

VolitionRx Limited manufactures epigenetic cancer detection blood tests. The Company’s tests are designed to detect the nucleosome patterns that are specific to cancer in the blood, and identify some of the major nucleosome varieties that differ between cancer types.

Volpara Health

Ralph Highnam, CEO

Volpara Health’s origins go back to our founding CEO Ralph Highnam’s breakthrough research in medical physics and artificial intelligence at the University of Oxford. Volpara has seen tremendous growth by almost every measure.

Current trends and hot topics in biopharma partnering

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