Work in cleantech? Here are seven ways to
improve your investor relations

Despite the hype around Tesla, Arrival, microgrids, urban farms and everything else cleantech, the sector faces some unique investor challenges. Fewer than a hundred professionals are likely to truly understand your stock. A tiny handful will be able to buy and hold it, conveying some long-term trading momentum while encouraging private investors to get involved.

In the face of these challenges, your stock needs the best chance of optimal performance. Here are the seven things you should do.

#1: Develop a Pixar narrative
The animation geniuses at Pixar write each of their film scripts around the same simple structure every time. It is, in fact, a structure that every well-told story fits into. Whilst the projections of your market size, analysis of EBITDA and a detailed exposition of your balance sheet are essential, they are far more persuasive when contextualised inside a perfectly-structured narrative. 

#2 Spy out your audience
It might be easy to identify the top 10 professional investors in your particular cleantech niche. But you’ll need to go far deeper than that. With the rise of passive investing and an explosion of private wealth, the pool of capital under active management might be smaller but it is also far more fragmented. Don’t skimp on the Google and LinkedIn searches as you’ll need to find the smaller institutions, boutiques, hedge funds, family offices and wealth managers relevant to your stock. You’ll also need a plan to reach out to the retail crowd.

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