Seven reasons why every Cleantech company
should use Edison for IR

Your time is limited, so let’s cut to the chase:

Reason #1: We’re the market #1
No investor relations company knows cleantech like Edison. With global presence and coverage our army of analysts delivers brilliant knowledge to professional and private investors every week. We’re also one of the largest players in IR, with muscle, influence and access.

Reason #2: We have a deep and broad knowledge of your investor audiences
Our relationship teams are constantly pitching Edison’s clean tech clients to focused investors – as well as those with general ESG outlooks. Take a look at our Future of Transport conference with the London Stock Exchange, for example. In short measure, these teams could be persuading the market about you.

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Edison is not just for listed businesses, by the way. Our methods are effective whatever your stage of development.

Reason #3: We deliver results
As the market leader, investors expect us to uncover and highlight undervalued clean tech businesses. Fill in the form at the end if the market is not valuing your stock correctly – we can chat about how to correct that.

Reason #4: Cleantech is infused throughout our research
We use our cleantech lens when evaluating many segments, most recently oil and gas. And there’s a lot more to read here.

Reason #5: We invented and are busy popularising ‘corporate decarbonisation’
Just as The Guardian coined the term ‘podcasting’ and Ronseal introduced ‘Does exactly what it says in the tin’, Edison’s claim to lexicon fame is becoming ‘corporate decarbonisation’. This is a term we coined to sum up what our client VivoPower does. And many others will follow.

Reason #6: We’re happy to follow convention. But only when convention is correct
Edison calls it how we see it. For instance, all the evidence we have points to the hydrogen economy remaining more focused than you might currently expect. Our helium report raised a few eyebrows as well.

Reason #7: Our thought models are always under review
Whilst Edison’s analysts and IR consultants have a firm grasp of the here and now, our teams also understand exponential technologies and the rapid nature of change. Which is exactly why we recently updated our view of Electric Vehicles.

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