Seven things every investor should know about VivoPower

Seven things every investor should know about VivoPower

There is a global political commitment to a net zero-carbon economy. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing has gone mainstream. Carbon prices are rising and new environmental taxes are being levied.

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In this context it is no surprise that thousands of corporates are now on a mission to decarbonise.

Enter VivoPower, the first listed B-Corp dedicated to making it happen. Here are seven things every investor should know about one of Edison’s newest clients.

  1. VivoPower is defining a new sector – decarbonisation acceleration
    Where do corporates turn when they need to take more carbon out of their business in a hurry? Until recently, they needed a complex network of suppliers and their own know-how. Now they can turn to VivoPower. This Film by Edison sums up VivoPower’s vision and our initiation note explains how it is delivering the reality.
  2. We value VivoPower at $19 per share
    At Nasdaq close on 19 May 2021, VivoPower was trading at $7.15. Yet in April, using discounted cashflow analysis, our analyst David Larkam valued the business at $19 a share. Since then another US$120m distribution partnership has been announced.
  3. Decarbonisation is very much in vogue
    The momentum is such that Schroders believes decarbonisation may be ‘the megatrend of the decade’ and has aligned its potential with that of FAANG stocks. VivoPower specialises in transforming hard-to-decarbonise industries, especially the mining sector, and is gaining a reputation in sports.
  4. At the heart of VivoPower is an electric vehicle play
    VivoPower now owns all of Tembo, an electric off-road vehicle company. In what is believed to be the most valuable deal for ruggedized EVs in the Australasian region to date, GB Auto has committed to buying 2,000 units from Tembo in the next four years. Acces Industriel Mining intends to purchase 1,675 for the Canadian mining market. VivoPower is aiming for total global coverage in its distribution network by the end of the year.
  5. On Tembo sales alone, peer analysis is favourable
    Our sums show the average peer EV/sales multiple is 2.9x revenue, which would suggest a Tembo-only valuation of c $435m. Other EV companies are, of course, valued far more highly than this average.
  6. Tembo has very little competition
    We can find no deal comparable to Tembo’s with GB Auto. This is a positive because the mining industry is hungry to change – not only in decarbonisation, but also in removing diesel fumes from shafts to reduce costs and improve health and safety.
  7. VivoPower has many other services to help corporates decarbonise
    VivoPower has struck a high-profile deal with UK Premier League football club Tottenham Hotspur, showcasing many of VivoPower’s abilities to accelerate corporate decarbonisation. It envisages on-site solar power generation, a distribution grid and electric vehicle charging stations, plus re-use of batteries that are no longer able to power electric vehicles. Take a look at it in more depth with this video.

To understand all of VivoPower’s operations and financials in more detail, read our initiation report.

VivoPower is a client of Edison Group.

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