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An introduction to Edison Investment Research

A pioneering equity research business

Our drive is to be a pioneering company looking to constantly improve the way the equity research industry serves corporates and institutional investors. Our vision of creating a more transparent, trusted and global equity research business model 15 years ago has now been codified in the MiFID 2 legislation, meaning our research can be received freely by institutional investors. An independent review of our coverage showed the issuers we worked with outperformed their local benchmark by 6% and saw volumes traded increase by 46% after initiation, which is good for the issuers we work with and for the institutions who read us.

Our research principles

High-quality analysis

In our 2018 annual client survey, our analysts scored 4.6 out of 5.0 for the quality of their output.

Experienced analysts

We hire experienced analysts who are expected to be global domain experts. This brings insight to the issuers we work with and the institutions that read us.

Explaining the issues

No corporate journey is without its ups and downs. At Edison we make it our business to explain not only the opportunities but also the issues to create a more informed engagement for issuers and investors.

A trusted brand

For 15 years we’ve invested in people, processes and technology to create provenance around our brand. The trust we have earned drives the readership we have.


We are the largest issuer-sponsored research company. Our clients benefit from the Edison brand touching investors every day.


At a time when research departments are shrinking and analyst teams are becoming more junior, Edison continues to grow strongly and expand its analyst group.

Neil Shah

Director of Research

Our Director of Research, Neil Shah, outlines the importance of our research approach, our analysts expertise and what our clients can expect from our service.

How we can help you

Global coverage across a broad range of sectors

We cover 400 companies listed on 30 different exchanges across a range of different sectors. Our coverage encompasses all market caps and includes FTSE 100 names around 10% of the FTSE 250 and a number of small- and micro-cap names.

We provides solutions to exchanges that are facilitating research

The EU IPO task force paper of 2015 highlighted the significant input made by small- and mid-cap companies to economic growth, contributing nearly one-third of private sector revenues and employment and €1.1tn to the GDP of the four largest EU economies. It also found that 86% of job growth happens after IPO. We are passionate about creating liquidity and access to capital for the companies that are the engines of growth. In the face of declining coverage, we have worked with the Deutsche Borse, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Euronext, the New Zealand Stock Exchange and the Singapore Stock Exchange to provide research solutions to their issuers.

Attracting great people and a strong team ethos

MiFID 2 is transforming the equity research landscape. We are ideally positioned and are attracting top-ranked analysts and experienced industry professionals who bring their experience and expertise to our clients and readers. Our team includes geologists, reservoir engineers, medical doctors, fund managers and ranked sell-side analysts. Our strong team approach combines industry and capital market skills to create great-quality output.

Frequently asked questions

We have a deep bench of analysts who look to develop global domain expertise in their sectors. This provides a differentiated approach to the insight we bring in our research. We provide a minimum service level to our clients, ensuring regular guaranteed coverage including a detailed note on the company once a year. Our research does not carry a rating or recommendation, but we do discuss valuation. This allows us to distribute our research to a much wider audience compared to the sell side. This captures a much broader investment community – retail, private wealth, family office as well as institutional investors and a much broader geographic reach. In a MiFID II world, fund managers can access our research freely as a minor non-monetary benefit. We also allow companies to host our research on their own website if they are listed outside North America.

While our clients vary enormously in terms of their reasons for becoming research clients, their feedback provides some common themes on what they value. First is the engagement with an experienced analyst, which helps companies think about how they are communicating with the markets and gets them to focus on the critical drivers of their equity story. Second is our ability to raise awareness with the investment community and, finally, impact. A recent study by a fund manager who examined stocks on which we initiated over a two-year period found that, following initiation, companies saw a 46% uplift in volumes traded and a 6% outperformance against their local benchmark.

Apart from our investment trust coverage, we aim to produce a detailed outlook note on a company once a year and follow this up with regular quarterly updates. We produce the annual outlook piece to ensure that a fund manager who is new to a company has a current piece of detailed research to give them a good overview of the business. We aspire for regular quarterly coverage, as fund managers coming to a new stock will often focus on analysts who have written on the stock recently.

Our standard rate is £60,000 per annum for a minimum 12-month coverage contract. We do not accept payment in equity or warrants. For this fee our clients get an outlook note, three update notes, monthly coverage post-initiation in our Edison Insight product, full distribution including a newswire circuit, two EdisonTV executive interviews, ResearchLink that allows companies to host our research on their own website and access to InvestorTrack, which provides detailed analytics on how the research is being consumed.

Fund managers need to trust the analysis being produced on your company. Over 15 years, we have built this trust by producing high-quality research using a team of highly regarded analysts. Our brand is recognised globally, our scale means that the investment community regularly sees our research notes, our people bring established networks under our brand and we are one of the most heavily read research brands among the fund management community. We achieve this by continuously looking to improve and innovate our research product.

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