Interview with Gokhan Batur, CEO of Polyphor

Published on 14-12-2020 15:24:06


In this episode of Edison Talks, Maxim Jacobs, Edison’s director of research for North America, has an in-depth discussion with Gokhan Batur, the CEO of Polyphor. They cover Polyphor’s Phase III programme in breast cancer, the cystic fibrosis programme, which is about to enter the clinic, and the company’s partnership strategy.

00:51 Overview of Polyphor
02:06 Balixafortide’s mechanism of action
04:11 The breast cancer market
08:27 Balixafortide’s Phase I data in metastatic breast cancer patients
10:54 The upcoming Phase III data
15:30 The partnership strategy for Balixafortide.
18:22 The inhaled murepavadin program for the treatment of cystic fibrosis infections
23:42 Overview of the company’s preclinical programs
27:42 The upcoming milestones for the company