PVA TePla: EKF 2023 QuickView


PVA TePla: EKF 2023 QuickView

Increasing semiconductor market exposure

Edwin de Jong

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Edwin De Jong


PVA TePla’s key competence lies in the very precise handling of vacuum, extreme pressure and temperatures. This is crucial for applications in industrial and semiconductor manufacturing that have high end-requirements on the purity/conformality of materials. Originating from Pfeiffer Vakuumtechnik, the company has evolved from producing mostly very large vacuum systems for industrial applications like diffusion bonding to producing Silicon/Silicon Carbide/Germanium crystal-growing systems for wafer production in the semiconductor industry and advanced metrology solutions. The latter activity was born from the need for very precise measurement systems for the company’s own processes and was further developed commercially. PVA TePla has a largely outsourced production model and a global client base. Revenues have grown from €97m in 2018 to €205m in 2022, largely driven by the company’s semiconductor activities.

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PVA TePla is attending the 2023 Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum conference. If you would like to meet them, please email bwilson@edisongroup.com or register at www.eigenkapitalforum.com



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