Newron Pharmaceuticals: EKF 2023 QuickView


Newron Pharmaceuticals: EKF 2023 QuickView

Key evenamide readouts on the horizon

Soo Romanoff

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Soo Romanoff

Managing Director - Head of Content, Healthcare

Newron is a Swiss Stock Exchange SIX-listed (NWRN) biopharmaceutical company focused on developing novel medicines for diseases of the central nervous system. The company’s marketed product, Xadago (or safinamide), is an add-on therapy to levodopa for the management of Parkinson’s disease, and continues to drive top-line revenues.

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Newron Pharmaceuticals is attending the 2023 Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum conference. If you would like to meet them, please email or register at


Edison Themes: VolitionRx – Decoding the DNA of cancer

Curative therapies work best when administered early. Imagine therefore the benefits of a simple blood test that can detect cancer even before the first physical symptoms appear. Termed liquid biopsies, these tests have proved their mettle in disease monitoring and as companion diagnostics but their potential in early cancer screening remains to be unlocked. A possible roadblock is the need to enlist next-generation sequencing (NGS), to optimize sensitivity and specificity, which may make these tests, when positioned as mass-market diagnostics, too expensive, both for patients and payors. VolitionRx, a diagnostics company focused on epigenetics, is working on a solution that claims to physically isolate circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) from background noise (no need for NGS), making for a convenient, fast and cost-effective test. Initial proof-of-concept data from a leukemia model have been encouraging, although significant clinical work is still required. Nevertheless, we see enough potential to warrant keeping an eye on the test’s development pathway.

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