Compressed matters #2

Compressed matters #2

Every month we share three charts or data tools that made us think. Only those that compress matters most clearly are included.

  1. The 1% expects glory

While most consumer sectors are still feeling the pinch, this table 👆🏻 explains why the outlook for luxury goods is far more glorious. Confounding stereotypes, wealthy Gen Zs are the most optimistic about their economic outlook while Boomers are least positive. For a plethora of charts revealing other wealth trends, take a look at Knight Frank’s Wealth Report.

  1. Diversity warms colder climes

Norway’s $1.4tn sovereign fund is the largest in the world and that allows for an enormous level of diversity. The fund holds more than 9,000 companies, as well as fixed income, real estate and infrastructure investments. Read a short summary here or deep dive the performance of sovereign wealth funds for more insight.

  1. Old Google, new tricks?

As this arresting chart shows, Google is still an ad-based business. Will AI impact those revenues? Gartner expects search volumes to drop 25% by 2026 and Exponential View sees other clouds, contrasting Google’s culture with Apple’s more flexible approach. Perhaps all this explains why Google is considering charging users for AI-powered searches?

If you have suggestions of what to include in the May edition of Compressed Matters, we’d love to hear from you.

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