Brexit webinar – One month on

Published on 27-07-2016 14:12:2427 July 2016

A month after the UK’s vote to quit the EU, markets are moving on. Despite the UK’s new Prime Minister committing to implement Brexit, global markets remain calm, even if sterling is still well below pre-referendum levels. Within the EU, aggressive Brexit rhetoric has given way to the realisation that a mutually beneficial relationship will need to be found between the UK, the EU and its member states. Early indications suggest a slowdown in the UK in some regards, but earnings estimates have only fallen modestly so far – and only in the most exposed sectors.

In this webinar, Alastair George reviews the early evidence for a UK slowdown and discusses the impact of the likely policy responses. He also highlights that investors must keep the bigger picture in mind – if anything, there has been a modest rebound in global economic data during the past three months and another flip-flop in Fed policy cannot be ruled out. Finally, Alastair reviews equity valuations and reflects on the difficulties investors face, with recent movements in global bonds and equities implying very different outcomes for the economic outlook.

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