Webinar: Tryp Therapeutics

Monday, 20-Sep-2021 00:00 to 00:00

Webinar: Tryp Therapeutics

Monday 20 September

2-3pm ET

Leading the next wave of psychedelic drugs beyond mental health

Join us for an interactive webinar with the CEO, CFO and chief science officer of Tryp Therapeutics, which is pursuing the potential of psilocybin to transform the treatment of chronic pain and other indications. The webinar will include an overview of the company, the indications and how the company is leading the next wave of psychedelics drugs beyond mental health.

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Greg McKee, chairman & CEO

Dan GardinerMr McKee brings more than 20 years’ experience in biotechnology, life sciences management and leadership and venture investment to the company. Before joining Tryp, he founded Torrent Ventures, an early-stage digital health and medical technology venture fund, and served as CEO of CONNECT, the largest Southern California start-up accelerator creating and scaling innovative life sciences and technology companies. Prior to CONNECT, he was chairman, president and CEO of publicly traded Nventa Biopharmaceuticals, which successfully merged with Akela Pharma. He has also held senior management roles at Genzyme Corporation, which was acquired by Sanofi for $22bn. Mr McKee has lived and worked in Tokyo, Japan for seven years, managing a $550m investment portfolio at the Mizuho Group and as an investment banker with UBS. In addition, he was senior advisor to the Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan. He lived and worked in Singapore for two years, managing Genzyme’s business units in South-East Asia and mainland China.

James (Jim) Gilligan, PhD, president and chief science officer

Dan GardinerDr Gilligan has over 35 years’ experience in the life sciences industry, including R&D, clinical development, international regulatory affairs and manufacturing. Before joining Tryp Therapeutics, he was a co-founder and managing partner of The Bracken Group, a life sciences consulting firm providing regulatory and product development support to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Dr Gilligan was a co-founder of Unigene Laboratories, which develops technology for the recombinant manufacture of peptide hormones, as well as oral and nasal delivery technologies for peptide-based therapeutics. He was also a co-founder and the chief scientific officer of Tarsa Therapeutics.

Dr Gilligan received a PhD from the University of Connecticut and a Masters in International Business from Seton Hall University. He continued his post-graduate education at the Roche Institute of Molecular Biology.

Luke Hayes, CFO

Dan GardinerMr Hayes has been active in the life sciences industry for more than 20 years, with experience in technology transfer, venture capital and finance. He started his career working on business development for Dow Chemical with responsibility for pharmaceutical customers including Lilly and AbbVie. He spent more than a decade in venture capital investing while supporting a wide range of companies as a director and advisor. Mr Hayes has broad experience in corporate finance and capital formation activities, as well as extensive relationships throughout the life sciences industry.

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