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Over the long term, The Bankers Investment Trust (BNKR) aims to achieve capital growth in excess of the FTSE World Index and dividend growth greater than inflation, as measured by the UK Consumer Price Index, by investing in companies listed throughout the world.

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Melanie Jenner

Mel Jenner

Director, Investment Trusts

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  • Alex Crooke

    Fund manager

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The Bankers Investment Trust (BNKR) posted an 8.1% net asset value (NAV) per share total return (TR) in H123 (period ending 30 April 2023). Most of its regional sub-portfolios (sleeves) outperformed their benchmarks, highlighting the respective managers’ strong stock-selection capabilities. Dividend income across the portfolio was up 10% in H123 and BNKR declared a second interim dividend of 0.62p (with the ytd payout up c 10% y-o-y). Moreover, Alex Crooke (BNKR’s lead manager) now expects FY23 dividend growth of at least 7% versus 5% earlier, which he believes should allow BNKR (after high inflation in FY22) to resume its track record of delivering dividend growth ahead of UK inflation.


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