YOC – executive interview

Published on 1 November 2021

In this interview, YOC CEO Dirk Hilmar-Kraus and CTO Evgenij (Jeff) Tovba provide an introductory overview of the company, focusing on its proprietary programmatic ad exchange platform, VIS.X. They explain why VIS.X gives YOC a competitive advantage, which has resulted in the platform becoming the group’s main revenue driver. They then provide further detail on how YOC has seen both robust revenue and profit growth to date in 2021, closing with the latest market trends that could affect its performance.

YOC is a Germany-based technology company that develops software for the global digital advertising market. By using the supply-side platform VIS.X and YOC’s proprietary ad formats, advertisers can increase awareness for their brands or products in combination with high-quality advertising inventory. VIS.X, launched in 2018, provides a programmatic marketplace for the automatic trading of digital advertising units, allowing for the real-time bidding of advertising budgets. YOC’s key markets include Germany, Austria and Poland.

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