Webinar: Loop Energy – 2022 objectives

Webinar: Loop Energy – 2022 objectives

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Headquartered in Vancouver, Loop Energy develops and manufactures patented hydrogen fuel cells. Its primary target is the ‘return-to-base’ fleet market of commercial vehicles such as buses and trucks. Having launched a 120kW fuel cell system, Loop Energy now has a wider power range on offer, with its fuel cell systems specifically designed for mid- to heavy-duty commercial vehicles. The latest system builds on Loop Energy’s existing technology, to give up to 54% fuel-to-wheel efficiency, compared to 20–25% for a diesel engine vehicle. In 2022 the business announced that it had achieved fuel cost parity with diesel fuel in some regions of the world. Management claims that this beat market expectations by up to eight years.

Loop Energy — 3 videos in collection

Loop Energy (TSE: LPEN) designs, manufactures, installs and maintains hydrogen fuel cells and the systems which integrate them. Once it has established a proven advantage in heavy-duty commercial return-to-base fleets of vehicles, Loop has ambitions [aims?] to become a leader across the whole of the fuel cell market. As well as moving to adjacent markets including marine, rail and mining transportation, the company expects to move into stationary power applications.

In this webinar, senior team members explain Loop’s commercial strategy, technology and growth plans.

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