Vantage: Randy Baron on buying growth using the principles of a value investor

Published on 21 June 2022

Vantage took advantage of Randy Baron of Pinnacle Associates being in London a couple of weeks ago. We previously interviewed Randy remotely in December 2021 so it was great to meet in person. Randy reflects on a tough start to the year in markets. Known as a growth investor, he finds that he’s picking up growth stocks at value prices with a large margin of safety. He gives us the five principles of a value investor and finds he is applying them all when looking to invest in today’s market. He is optimistic that the health of the US consumer will pull us through this period of economic uncertainty in the year ahead despite the inflation risks. He continues to be attracted to the UK for his international portfolio, with 45% of his holdings coming from the UK market. While he was here, he took the time to revisit some names he already holds, including Renalytix (RENX.L) and Nanoco (NANO.L), and to meet a few new companies including EKF Diagnostics (EKF.L). What really stood out was that despite volatility in the market, the top 10 holdings in Randy’s portfolio have stayed the same before, during and after the pandemic and today.

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