Unbound Group – executive interview

Published on 23 February 2022

In this interview, we introduce Ian Watson (CEO) and Dan Lampard (CFO) of Unbound Group, which began trading on AIM on 1 February 2022. Ian begins by providing an overview of the core business, Hotter Shoes, the significant changes he has made since joining in 2019 and the company’s expected structural growth drivers. He then highlights the plans to develop the business beyond the core of footwear to offer a broader range of new and complementary own-brand and third-party products and services, which will appeal to its core demographic, people aged 55+. Dan provides some insight into the company’s financials by giving an indication of expected growth rates from the core business and the wider Unbound Group, and its investment requirements. Finally, Ian summarises how the business fared in 2021.

Our initiation note can be found here and our flash note for the FY22 trading update can be found here.

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