The Brunner Investment Trust – fund manager interview

Published on 25 March 2021

Matthew Tillett, lead portfolio manager of The Brunner Investment Trust (BUT), provides an update on the market outlook and recent developments at the trust, which aims to provide investors with a one-stop-shop for global equities. Questions include:

00:55 – Background to Matthew Tillett.
01:40 – Can you summarise the outlook for global equities?
03:59 – How many stocks are in the portfolio and what are the sector and geographical weightings?
06:35 – What have been the recent changes to the portfolio?
09:00 – Please give some examples of companies added to the portfolio.
11:53 – What is the portfolio turnover?
12:42 – What has been the dividend track record?
14:30 – Why is the trust trading at a wide discount to NAV?

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