Silver Bullet Data Services Group – executive interview

Published on 25 June 2021

In this interview, Silver Bullet Data Services Group’s CEO, Ian James, describes the company’s business model and how what it does for clients is differentiated from other market offerings. He talks through the major shifts now taking place in digital marketing with the impending withdrawal of third-party cookies and how the group is providing clients with products that help them address the opportunity. He then outlines the group’s strategy for growing its footprint in the key US market and the attributes and experience that the management team brings to help its advance. He concludes with his views on how listing on AIM will help further the group’s growth strategy.

Silverbullet is a leading marketing transformation company that helps the world’s biggest brands to improve business outcomes. It helps reduce friction across digital marketing with the use of data, empowering better, faster and smarter marketing decisions. Its 4D contextual outcomes engine identifies in-the-moment marketing opportunities by analysing multiple data streams to create a complete view of every ad opportunity, providing advertisers with the ability to suitably target the moments consumers are receptive.

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