Sif Holding – EKF 2023 executive interview

Sif Holding – EKF 2023 executive interview

Sif Holding produces parts of offshore wind foundations, mostly monopiles, but also transition pieces for the fast-growing offshore wind market. Changing requirements for wind turbines and rotor blades affect foundations as well, both in terms of the monopile diameter and the thickness of the steel. Sif produces these monopiles and transition pieces in its original plant in Roermond and in a much bigger relatively new facility near Rotterdam, close to the Netherlands’ coastline. The facility in Rotterdam will be further expanded given demand developments.

In this interview, CEO Fred van Beers provides a broad overview of the company, the current state of affairs, Sif’s place in the market and market share. He explains how changing requirements for offshore wind affect the company and outlines his plans for the expansion of production facilities in Rotterdam. Recently, some offshore wind projects have come under pressure, especially in the US and UK, and he explains how he sees projects progressing in these regions and in Europe. Finally, he discusses the building blocks of the company’s financial targets for 2025 and beyond.

Sif Holding is attending the 2023 Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum conference. If you would like to meet them, please email or register at

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