SenSen Networks – executive interview

SenSen Networks – executive interview

SenSen Networks — 3 videos in collection

More on this equity is a pioneer in the field of sensor artificial intelligence (AI). The company’s platform, SenDISA, takes inputs from multiple sources, such as cameras, sensors networks, transaction data and GPS, then analyses and fuses the data to develop meaningful insights. provides solutions to customers in retail, gaming and smart cities, with the vision to positively transform people’s lives with sensor AI, which focuses on fusing data from various types of sensors and cameras, and then using AI tools to solve problems that involve 3D space monitoring in real time.

In this interview, Edison Group’s managing director and head of technology Dan Ridsdale asks Subhash Challa,’s executive chairman and CEO, about the company’s value proposition and role it plays in the AI industry, and how its platform and ability to fuse data from multiple sensors give it a competitive advantage. They discuss the recent acceleration of deal flow, the different vertical markets where operates, its land and expand strategy, and what makes the company attractive to investors.

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