Pacla Medical – executive interview

Published on 29 June 2022

Pacla Medical is a private healthcare technology company based in Scotland whose novel physiotherapy device, Backhug, aims to treat pain by releasing joint stiffness in the back. Backhug allows home treatment without the need for a professional practitioner and can be used to benefit patients with chronic back pain, multiple sclerosis and other conditions. Pacla’s management will demonstrate Backhug to potential customers and investors in its pre-IPO fund-raise at Edison’s offices on 14 July between 11am and 4pm. For more details and to register, please click here.

In this interview, Edison’s healthcare director Ken Mestemacher talks to Pacla’s CEO and founder, Chongsu Lee, and CFO Eric Woehrling about the company’s business and revolutionary Backhug product, and how it is more effective for treating back pain than other products in the market. They discuss the critical success factors and risks facing Pacla, the regulatory requirements for rolling out its business in the US, and how we can be confident that the product works and is safe. They review the company’s subscription model and economics, and what makes it attractive to investors.

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