MagForce – EKF interview

MagForce – EKF interview

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MagForce is a German healthcare equipment and services company with the first Europe-approved nanotechnology-based therapy for the treatment of glioblastoma (brain tumours). NanoTherm therapy consists of nanoparticle instillation into the tumour, activated by an alternating magnetic field, producing heat and thermally destroying or sensitising tumours. MagForce is progressing its strategy to drive uptake and acceptance (in the US and Europe) of NanoTherm and will have five centres in Europe that are commercially capable of treating glioblastoma patients by end 2020. During 2020 so far, the number of commercial treatments has increased significantly. A registrational clinical trial for prostate cancer is ongoing in the US using an FDA-approved one-day protocol. MagForce expects to have sufficient data to achieve 80% confidence that clinical objectives have been met by end Q420. This should enable commercial preparations for an H221 launch to start while the trial concludes.

In this interview, CEO Dr Ben J Lipps gives an overview of the company and its NanoTherm therapy. He discusses treatment uptake in Europe and gives an update on clinical progress in the US. He also discusses the effect of COVID-19 and the key catalysts to look out for over the next 12 months.

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