IP Group – executive interview

IP Group – executive interview

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In this interview, we speak to Dr Rob Trezona, a founding partner of Kiko Ventures, IP Group’s dedicated cleantech investment platform discusses nuclear fusion. He explains how this process replicates the nuclear reactions that happen inside the sun to generate energy, with the ultimate goal of providing a near-limitless, clean source of base load energy. The recent announcement by National Ignition Facility that it had achieved ‘gain’ (ie generating more energy from the reaction than was put in) has been hailed as a significant milestone on this development path. In this interview, Dr Trezona explains the relevance of this milestone, the different approaches to achieving fusion and the long pathway towards making it a commercial reality. He also discusses First Light Fusion’s approach to commercialising the technology and the next key milestones for the business from both a technical and financing standpoint.

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IP Group - executive interview

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