Interview with Michael Morris, CEO of Picton Property Income

Published on 23 November 2021

Picton Property Income’s diversified portfolio of commercial property across the UK is actively managed for total returns but with a strong focus on income and dividends. It aims to be one of the consistently best-performing diversified UK REITs, and has built a strong and consistent track record. At the property level, it has outperformed the MSCI UK Quarterly Property Index over one, three, five and 10 years and since inception, putting it in the top quartile in each of the last seven years. Outperformance continued in the six months ended 30 September 2021 (H122), benefiting from strong performance from an overweight position in industrials and retail warehouses. At the company level, reflecting the use of debt and operational cost, Picton has generated an aggregate average accounting return of 8.8% pa in the past five years. In this interview, Picton’s CEO, Michael Morris, discusses the interim results, commercial property market developments and the outlook for the company.

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