Fund manager interview – Nick Brind, Polar Capital Global Financials Trust

Published on 4 March 2019

Nick Brind, co-manager of the Polar Capital Global Financials Trust (PCFT), discusses why the world’s largest sector (by market cap) could generate substantially different returns over the next decade. Nick explains why the sector has become neglected and how headwinds are receding following the financial crisis – as well as outlining the attractive valuations of financial stocks. PCFT is managed to provide a lower-risk way to access global financials via a highly experienced management team. It has an income & growth approach and has generated total returns of 9% per year with low volatility since launch in 2013; and this from a sector still hovering around its post-crisis valuation lows…

Finally, the Polar Capital Global Financials Team has decided to issue a White Paper to help investors understand what has really happened and where we are today; this coincides with the 10-year post crisis valuation lows for the UK, US and European banks.

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