FACC – EKF executive interview

Published on 2 November 2021

FACC has been a leader in the supply of carbon composite structures to the commercial aircraft industry for more than 30 years. Its products are an integral part of the relentless drive to reduce the weight of airframes and engines, as well as interiors, which helps to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. The company supplies all the major manufacturers. It is also applying its technical know-how to new growth applications in unmanned air mobility (drones) and space which should add significant revenue streams by 2025.

In this interview FACC’s CFO, Aleš Stárek, discusses current expectations for the recovery in commercial aircraft production as air traffic increases from the pandemic-induced lows in 2020. He talks about the H220 adjustments to the company’s cost base aimed at strengthening margins and increasing efficiency in each of the divisions. He also talks about the exciting expansion into new, growing market segments, notably unmanned air vehicles (drones) and New Space projects.

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